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Starters - Choose 1

-Chicken dumplings- Tamari dipping sauce

-Mini Sweet potato pancakes apple sauce 24 pcs. DF  

-Beef stuffed blue corn empanadas- Salsa Verde.  DF

-Greek salad w/ olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperoncini & feta GF


Entrees - Choose 2

-Cedar plank grilled salmon- maple, roasted garlic & lemon GF, DF

Vegetarian:  North African bulgar stew w/ side of grilled corn bread (2 qts) DF, Vegan

-Crispy chicken fingers.  Side ketchup DF

-Wood grilled boneless chicken thighs- fire roasted tomato salsa GF, DF


Sides - Choose 2

-Quinoa & lentil salad – roasted eggplant, scallions & roasted red peppers, GF, DF, vegan

-Greek salad w/ olives, tomatoes, peppers & feta GF

-Garlic roasted Brussels sprouts- toasted walnuts & balsamic drizzle GF, DF, vegan

-Beef & red bean chili (1 qt) GF, DF

Comes with assorted house-baked cookies

Please no substitutions

The Kit

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