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Cold Weather Add-ons: pricing

How to Warm up Your Cool Weather Event

We have all basked in the warm weather lately, and enjoyed getting together safely outdoors during this temporary life of physical distancing. But our connections don't need to stop when the temperature drops! We can help you with some great ideas to keep entertaining throughout the colder months.

Keeping Guests Warm

If you're anything like me, you may sneak a little heat on in the house before October. We ate outside at a restaurant in Bedford years ago in the fall, and they had a basket full of wool blankets; it made my night! I also will never forget the chairlift rides at Stowe as a kid and they handed out army blankets.  Heavenly.  Why not offer guests a warm wrap at a blanket station?  I found some inexpensive wool ones on Amazon. Wool Blanket Throw

blanket station.jpg

My kids, nieces and nephew know to search my boot bag for an ample supply of these babies. I don't leave home without them. They can make all the difference on a cold day or night.  You can stock up by the case! Hot Hands



bonfire party.jpeg

Face it, we all love good fire. Even if you don't have a designated fire pit area and seating, it's easy to create with some hay bails and stones.  Fire pits can be purchased relatively inexpensively at a local hardware store. (support small businesses!) We like Kelloggs & Lawrence in Katonah 

fire pit hay.jpg

Patio Heaters

There are so many different choices in this area, but after much research and talks with a pro (Dad's an HVAC guy) the propane 48,000 BTU's will give you the most bang for your buck.  If you wait until it's cold to get your hands on one, I'm guessing it will be like trying to buy toilet paper in March.  Propane Patio Heater


Warm Libations


Spiked hot cider is another fall favorite of mine. The aroma is strong and brings to life memories of festive times. Hot Spiked Cider Recipe

skis cocktails.webp
hot cocoa station.jpg

A hot white Russian will turn up the heat on anybody from the inside out. Hot White Russian Recipe

hot spiced cider.jpeg

What could be more eye appealing than a Hot Cocoa Station? We can put it all together for you to bring smiles to your younger guests (and not so young!).

Eats and Treats


Warm savory soup in a mug will not only keep your guests happy because it's so tasty, but they will also thank you because they can hold it to add warmth to their hands!

Woman holding tomato soup cup.jpg
pot pie.jpg

Individual Pot Pies, are a delicious way to satisfy hunger, and they hold their heat so well. They look good too! 

Pot PIe.png
Marshmallows over Campfire

A fire without making S'mores, is like a dog without its bone. We will set up a S'mores station for you (individual kits to keep germs away!) and you will have everybody reliving those campfire days.

s'mores station.jpg
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