Thoughts from the Kitchen...

Dr John Torres, medical contributor for NBC News, talks about safely socializing this summer with your "QuaranTeam".


I thought this was a catchy phrase, then I realized it had been floating around while my hands were busy chopping, dicing and sautéing. While it's hard sometimes to look for silver linings, they are there. I've gotten back to my roots and have found it therapeutic. And as I chop, dice and sauté my way through the day, my mind is preoccupied with when and how catering as we knew it just 3 short months ago will ever be the same. I have faith it will....eventually. Patience and perseverance is key. But in the meantime, I believe we can safely and smartly begin to emerge. Find your "QuaranTeam". Laugh, eat and appreciate the face to face interaction that we will never take for granted again.


-Taylor's Thoughts from The Kitchen - May 21, 2020